A national after school program that teaches coding to 6 - 18 year olds

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Enthusiastic people
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Our projects spans from one-on-one training, community, school and national training

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You can volunteer at a club in your area for one hour a week

You can volunteer at a club in your area for one hour a week

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Start a club in your school and team up with local volunteers


Donate or sponsor a child to help us with our work

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Our Mission

Expose all kids in Ghana to Computer science concepts through interactive activities that enable them to build their own websites, mobile apps, games and animations.

Our Vision

To equip every child with skills, confidence and opportunity to shape their world

Starts on:  01 Feb  2019

Code on Wheels

THE CODE BUS IS HERE Ghana Code Club is driving Ghana's first Code Bus across the country teaching 20,000 kids to code in 2019. [request a visit]...

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