Paper Circuit and Programming

Make simple or complex electrical circuits on a flat piece of paper!

Using copper tape and surface-mount LEDs allows you to make a fully functional circuit on a flat surface, like a piece of paper. You can make light-up greeting cards, make origami animals come to life, or create three-dimensional pop-up paper sculpture that have working lights in them.

The basic circuit is very simple, and yet allows for a wide range of explorations and aesthetic expression.

With a little more effort, you can add switches, which can be as simple as a piece of aluminum foil, to add a dynamic element to your creation. The window on the little house above lights up when you close the door.

Or you can keep the circuit really simple and let your creativity shine in other ways, like making this beautiful cupcake with light-up sprinkles…


Coding is thinking

Coding develops analytical thinking, improves decision-making and problem solving nnskills. Learning to code at a young age will help you understand and solve problems in almost nnany disciplines in life.

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Coding is Learning

When kids learn to code, they are coding to learn. When kids learn to code, they are learning important computational and mathematical concepts such as iteration, variables, and nnconditionals.


Coding is the Future

Teaching kids how to code is a smart career planning, it helps them to be prepared for the demands of jobs in computerized world in this 21st century.