Python (11-15 years)

This program provides a fun introduction to programming using Python. It is designed for motivated children with little experience with programming.

Children must be computer literate (master typing and use of the mouse and trackpad…). During the program, students will learn the basic concepts of Python and create games designed to stretch their brain and strengthen their understanding. Before completing the session, they will have programmed a game using Python.


Coding is thinking

Coding develops analytical thinking, improves decision-making and problem solving nnskills. Learning to code at a young age will help you understand and solve problems in almost nnany disciplines in life.

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Coding is Learning

When kids learn to code, they are coding to learn. When kids learn to code, they are learning important computational and mathematical concepts such as iteration, variables, and nnconditionals.


Coding is the Future

Teaching kids how to code is a smart career planning, it helps them to be prepared for the demands of jobs in computerized world in this 21st century.