Are you a School Owner? Basic School Teacher? Principal, Sign Up here   to register your teachers for our teacher training workshops. As you may know, Ghana now has computing in its curriculum and it comes into effect September 2019

There’s programming in the new curriculum and teachers will be expected to teach it to children from age 5. This is quite a huge task but thank goodness for the existence of Ghana Code Club.

We’d like teachers to feel confident and excited about the new computing curriculum. Our sessions aim to demystify the new curriculum, explain key language and concepts and provide useful materials to use in and out of the classroom.

We promise to set teachers up for this challenge. Ghana Code Club is really excited about the change because it’s a great move toward making children think like engineers at an early age: solving problems, using logic, analyzing processes and creating rather than just consuming technology. These skills can be used to enrich other subjects too, like Maths, Science and English.

Our workshops are never boring. Just like our Code Clubs, we will learn through doing and having fun.

Calling all primary teachers – please register your interest on the site! We can then figure out what sessions to deliver, and when.

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