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We have formed strategic partnership with governmental and non-governmental organizations such as the Ministry of Communication, Ghana, Ghana Investment Fund for Electronic Communication (GIFEC), ATC Ghana, Africa Code Week, and others to achieve our vision

Join Us by Becoming a Volunteer

If you’re a designer, developer, engineer, educator or simply someone who is passionate about technology, we want you to join our amazing league of volunteers working to make technology education accessible and fun for all Ghanaians!

Ghana Code Club is a volunteer-driven organization. Our volunteer community is 300+ strong across Ghana and growing every day! From the lead instructors at the front of the class sharing their skills, to the mentors sitting at a learner’s side and cheering them on, to summer camp helpers inspiring the minds of tomorrow through technology and play, every magic moment has a volunteer at its core. If you have a love for technology, a passion for community, and a desire to find a fun, fulfilling volunteer opportunity that matches your unique skills and interests, we’ve got you covered! Keep scrolling to learn more about the different ways you can champion coding education in your community.

Volunteer to teach

Teach an after-school class or during a workshop. The minimum time commitment is 2 hours per week for an after-school class and workshops· No programming experience needed to instruct elementary grades

Here are the steps for becoming an instructor:

  • Fill a volunteer form and agree to our terms
  • Choose a School or workshop near you
  • Attend our training.
  • Start having fun teaching.
  • Attend review meetings with your support group.

Become A Supporter

Ghana Code Club’s mission is to ensure that every Ghanaian child in elementary school is equipped with digital skills for future development therefore; we are constantly building partnerships with Schools, NGO’s Government agencies, individuals corporate organizations.

Are you a Government Organization or a Non-Governmental Organization seeking partnership to expose Digital literacy to children, call us to partner.


The Ghana Code Club is an after-school program that teaches children computer programming skills. Children between ages 5-17 can join any of our coding programs from Schools, Community Centers and Libraries to learn to create computer games, animations, interactive arts, websites and mobile apps..

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